Yogis in Dialogue Create Unity

When I was young, I ran away from home to be with the Himalayas.


At that time, the mountains summoned me. Like a soothing Mother, the mountains spoke to me; I heard them say, “Come beloved child.  Be here!”  Happily, I surrendered to this calling with my whole being and ran straight to the lap of the Himalayas.


Seems only moments passed.  She whispered sacred teachings to me; and I received as would a child receive mother’s milk.  I was prepared to spend the rest of my life in this cozy lap.



Then suddenly, and to my surprise, the Himalayas said, “Now, go!”


As Her child, I resisted. I refused to leave the Mother.


Somehow living as a mountain recluse was not my destined path, and I had to return to my birth family. But there remained a deep calling; the mountains reassured me, as if to say, “Bring these mountains with you wherever you go. Make the world your cave. Go to the world, but return home to the mountains as often as you wish. You have been blessed a messenger; you are impregnated with teachings. Your job is to give birth to a great conversation.  You shall turn sacred the wild, worldly dust. Most important, keep the dialogue going between the modern world and the ancient mountains. Gather seekers who are longing. Guide them to feel called and welcome here.”

Since then, I have been blessed to guide yatras to the Himalayas.  We go to the mountains to bow.  Two years ago, we journeyed to the Himalayas on a Yatra to Hemkunth Sahib, the abode of Rishi Dushta Daman.

At a very sacred bridge the Bhim Pulh, the Bridge of Bhima, we passed through a vortex that only opens for those who have been initiated into the Dharma.


bhima bridge


We had entered the realm of the Shrine of Rishi Ved Vyas. Rishi Ved Vyas was the great sage who downloaded all the ancient yogic wisdom from the Akashic records.  With Ganesha — the remover of obstacles — as his trusted stenographer, Ved Vyas penned down wisdom, bringing it into form and structure so that the realm-of-time-and-space can remain in sacred dialogue with the Realm Beyond.  This became the Vedic tradition.


Now, our Hemkunt yatra group had entered a sacred experience here that is beyond all time and space.  Near the shrine, we noticed a cave.  Once again, I felt summoned.

In this cave, a yogi sat alone.

Graciously, he invited me and the yatra group into his cave. In moments that seemed to stretch for an eternity, we enjoyed one another’s presence in this cave.

Here, a space opened up for this yogi and I to engage in a profound heart to heart conversation.  Now, this kind of conversation is called Gosti in Gurmukhi, which translates to Conscious Sacred Exchange.  Such an exchange is characterized by short, meaningful phrases, silence, and gestures.  It is a communication of the highest dignity in that it crystalizes universal unity consciousness.


In this conversation, every word, pause, and gesture is expressed in the now; so, all expression blooms as a call and response that is nearly simultaneous.  Every moment of the exchange is here and now.  It is a deeply mystical exchange in that it carries profound wisdom of both the ancient past and distant future in the here now.

Such a yogic dialogue is bestowed and flows only in the right time and space; the only condition is reverence — reverence is adab in Gurmukhi.

Really, dialogue is too dualistic a word to use for Gosti because in this conversation, the two sharing the “dialogue” become one.  A better word might be uni-logue if the English language had such a word …  Even the English word ‘monologue’ does not work here because this is an expression of the Universe, not the individuated self.

This short exchange of words, silences, and gestures is compact in as few as 6 moments.  However, contained within this short exchange exists all the wisdom of the 6 philosophical orders of the yogic teachings.

Here is the Gosti we shared:

1. We held one another’s gaze and instantly recognized our connection: I wear the saffron robes, carrying the color of the sun.  This yogi wears ashes, carrying the color of the moon. Recognizing we are connected as sun and moon brought big smiles to our faces. With great joy, he sang out in Hindi, “Yogi ko Yogi Meleh!” A Yogi meets a Yogi.

2. Welcomed so, I replied by consciously proceeding into his sacred cave.  I placed my right foot into his cave first, as the right foot is the foot of Dharma.  As he noticed I did so, he rose to his feet and folded his hands the same time I folded my hands into Anjali Mudra, the lotus seal.  Two hands represent duality, but Anajali Mudra brings all duality together into union — the negative and positive mind come to neutral, and the sun and moon energies of the body come to one.  We bowed to each other simultaneously, and greeted each other in unison with the Himalayan Yogic greeting: “Matha Tekda Maharaj!” Oh sage, I bow to you!



3. Next, he invited me to sit next to his yogic seat. He said in Hindi, “Bhaout Kripa ke aphne.” Thank you for coming and blessing.  Offering the seat is a gesture that carried with it every welcome, every blessing, and every gratitude of all creatures in cordiality. Here is awareness of every expression of giving and receiving hospitality throughout eternity. Here is awareness of every being sharing and deeply cherishing one another’s presence.


4. As I sat on the seat, he asked, “Aph kis Gurpranali se dikshat ho?” Which lineage are you initiated into? He asked my lineage, Gurpranali it is called. The Gurpranali is the lineage to which you have gifted your heart.

This question contained the essence of the Yogic teachings. In the Himalayan yogic teachings, one is known only through a lineage, not as his individual self. I repeat: the Himalayan tradition recognizes you only through your Gurpranli, not as an individual.  In fact, there is no individual self on this path.   On this path, only the divine through the master speaks through you, and that is what you convey.  Only the Guru exists; the small psychological self died ages ago.

This is a path of total surrender to the one who has sparked the fire of wisdom within. The Himalayan sages teach that one has to be initiated into Dharma through a lineage, without this initiation, a being is seen as an Orphan in the spiritual world.  One only comes into the shelter after one is initiated into the Dharma.



5. With a smile on my face and mentally bowing to the question, I replied, “Guru Nanak Sut, Baba Sri Chand ke Udasin Gurpranli Se Dikshat Hun Ji Maharaj.” Guru Nanak’s beloved son, Baba Sri Chand’s Udasin lineage into it I am initiated, oh dear one!


6. Hearing the name of the ageless yogi, Baba Sri Chand, a wide smile came on his face. He removed his inner shawl and took out a pendent of Baba Sri Chand that he showed to me as he said, “Hum Bhi Udasin Pranali sey Hai” I am also an Udasin; this is my lineage, too.  Together, we laughed. We held hands as two brothers on the path.

One yogi made the Himalayas his world; one yogi brought the Himalayas into the world. Both yogis are Naadi Putras, children born through the word of the Guru and spreading the Dharma of the Guru in their own unique way.



It is said that Baba Sri Chand is the protector of all Yogis, and it makes no difference if the cave is the yogi’s world, or the world is the yogi’s cave.

Our dialogue created unity. What needed to be said was said. What needed to be replied was replied. All was for the purpose of exchanging sacred dialogue that creates unity.

We both bowed to the Gurpranali from which we have sprouted and all the masters that carried the Dharma and thanking them for giving us the shelter in its fold. In the words of the Himalayan masters, I bow to all those who have walked the path of the Dharma.

With Joy in my heart and both hands united above my head, I sealed our Gosti. I called out a Jaikara, a glory proclamation of Baba Sri Chand: “Bolh Bhagvan Sri Chander Maharaj Ke Jai,” may all sing the glories of the great Baba Sri Chand.  All those present joined us and chanted along with us as one.

With this exchange of statements between a yogi and a yogi in the cave of the Himlayas, the womb of Yogic teachings, the essence of the 6 philosiphical orders of yogic lineage; Khat Darshan its called, the Gosti was complete.



Iti Sampuranam

This completes the dialogue.


We go our separate ways, vibrating unity.





Sat Naam!

Watch this video of the Mystical Hemkunt

Journey with Yogi Amandeep 2016




To Heal Children, Create Sacred Spaces



Sat Nam, Yogi Amandeep!  My child has been diagnosed with the mental illness of Schizophrenia.  He hears voices.  Can you tell me where these voices are coming from? Also, is there anything that can be done to help my child cope with life with mental illness?


Yogi Amandeep


These voices are memories that come from that time when your child was in the womb. The time in the womb is the most important time.  The womb is like the warehouse where the human being is assembled.  The environment of this warehouse impacts the delicate assembly and determines this child’s health outside the womb.


What happens in today’s world is that we do not give the right environment to that woman who is pregnant.  The mother endures too much stress and depression; too much pressure is imposed upon pregnant women today.


The outcome of this stress and depression that is imposed upon the mother is that the children these women carry grow into beings who suffer from mental illnesses such as Schizophrenia.


It is essential to consciously create the right environment for a pregnant woman so that a child can develop properly.  


In the past, in the yogic teachings, a woman was not casually tossed into pregnancy by accident.  Today, most pregnancy happens by accident; the environment is not properly prepared.  We can learn from the yogic past.  Back then, every pregnancy was planned and much consciousness was invested in building the right environment to cultivate a healthy pregnancy.  Sages sang prayers; spaces vibrated mantras; and awakened ones performed rituals.  The community created an environment of sacred consciousness that prepared the family and prepared the world to welcome a pregnancy.  This also could make a child feel welcome into a prepared world in a prepared way.  It was all cultivated with consciousness, focus, attention, and an investment from the heart.  Husband and wife were both involved in all the plans and preparations; even whole communities came together.  With this much support and sacredness, there is no way a woman can fall into stress and depression.  Today, many women go through pregnancy feeling alone and alienated from their communities.  But when we all plan and prepare for a child together, the womb is a celebrated space, a sacred space, and a healthy child develops and feels welcome into a conscious world.


Today, even if the pregnancy was planned, there may not have been the right environment throughout the pregnancy to keep that child forming in such a way that the child can experience the full potential of mental, physical, and spiritual wonder of the womb .  Growth in the womb happens at an extremely rapid rate; every moment is crucial for proper development.  Plus, in the womb, a being is in a great meditative state, a mystical state where the connection between the child and the divine is not totally forgotten.  All that we experience while floating in the sacred waters of the womb is subtle and sacred.  That’s why mother and child deserve environments that acknowledge and sustain the sacred experience of the womb.  We can bring more awareness to the being in the womb who is experiencing rapid growth and profound meditation.


So, now what if the child is already out of the womb?  Children cannot return to the womb.  How many of us have experienced a womb that did not receive the proper attention?  So now the question is this:  can anything be done now?  Is it too late?  The child cannot return to the womb; he is already diagnosed with mental illness.  So, now what?


The answer is this:  Create a yogic space for the child now.


In the universe there is no permanent problem.  Every problem is a thought.  That’s all.  Every thought is just a memory.  This memory is imprinted in the body.  It is just like when you write something down on paper.  That which is written can be erased and rewritten.  The rewriting process is a process of making your life divine.  Create a sacred environment around that child.  Meditate around that child, and teach the child to meditate.  Practice yoga with the child.  Chant.


Introduce yantras to the child.  Draw yantras.  Color yantras.  The science of yantras is a science of the visual guides used for meditation.  Yantras are visual representations of sacred geometry.  Meditating on these images can have powerful impact.  Teach the child to draw yantras.  There are books out there that you can buy that help guide people to draw yantras. Drawing yantras can be taught to this child. Yantras is a sacred geometry. When you draw sacred geometry, it impacts your memory and your chitta (consciousness).  There are books out there that give you a basic idea on how to draw these yantras.  Siri yantra can be drawn and placed in the house.  You can draw the yantra and the child can color the yantra.


A yantra is a one method you can use to reprogram the memory in the mind.


Also, you can buy yantras, and you can wear yantras around your neck.  Make sure that yantra is an activated yantra.  If you don’t know whether it is activated or not, bring the yantra into your home but first place it on your altar for forty days.


If you do not yet have an altar in your home, create one.  It is important to create an altar in your home.  The ultimate way to make a sacred space for the child is to make an altar in the home.  How to build an altar?  It’s simple.  Create an altar can be very simple.  Free a room or a corner of your home from any clutter; be sure the space is clean.  Place an image of an enlightened being on a small table.  Or maybe you have a picture of a sacred temple or a sacred object or relic.  Anything that you regard as sacred, precious, and elevating can be used as the central object on your altar.  Every day you go to your altar, and you bow.  When you bow at your personal, sacred altar, the karma  on your forehead is rewritten.  So, build an altar and then place the yantra on the altar.  After the yantra sits on the altar for forty days, and you have bowed or meditated at that altar, this process will activate that yantra.  May you bring this sacredness into your home and into your life.


To sum up, mental problems are there when the child did not have the right environment in the womb.  Now, you create the right environment for that child.  Please note that the process and transformation will take much longer outside the womb.  The environment outside the womb is very slow going when it comes to change and growth — as opposed to the rapid rate in which the consciousness formed in womb.  So, you must be patient and persistent.  Healing is a process and takes much time.  Do not give up, no matter what; keep up.  Surely, at some point, there will be a change in that person’s consciousness.


Special thank you to the seekers in Russia who are participating in the online courses.  Thank you for asking your heartfelt questions.  Also, special thank you to Elena Ivanova Ram Inder Jot for organizing these online courses.  Many blessings!  May Guru Ram Das live in all of your hearts.  Sat Nam!


How to Draw Sri Yantra




© Yogi Amandeep Singh

This New Year, Play With the Pulse

Blessed Seeker,

you can invoke the pulse of the universe!

You can go beyond your limited, small historical you.


You can be with the pulse you share with the sun. Be with the pulse, which is the source of existence, and you share it with the moon. You share this pulse with the furthest galaxy. You share this pulse with every other being. So, now please drop your smallness and open up to the vastness.


Within you are fires of the sun. Within you is the coolness of the moon. Open up. Open up to this play of the cosmos that is within you.


You may be thinking how do I open up?


Stop thinking.


Consciously, come down to the heart. The journey is not about going high. The journey is about coming down.


Begin breath of fire.


While practicing this breath of fire, be aware that your referencing point is your heart.

Listen closely, and hear the breath of fire.


Deeply relate to the sound the breath produces.


This sound is a flute. Hear the flute.

Rumi says, “those who hear the flute, they go into ecstasy.” Now is a moment to go into ecstasy. Miracles happen in the moment. If you are aware, you realize, but if you miss the moment, you miss the miracle.

Be aware that this breath is the breath of Guru Ram Das. Dwell in wonder, contemplating and realizing that this is the same flute heard by Guru Ram Das.

This flute you hear, this is the flute that plays to the rhythm of the pulse that ignites the creative impulse within you. This flute played with the Guru; this flute plays with you. This flute continues long into tomorrow and unto the timeless realms of the universe. Hear this flute weaving into the music of the spheres.  Hear this flute echoing through the cosmic rush of the sacred waters of the Akasha Ganga.


At the new year, a portal opens up, and creative energy becomes especially accessible during the new year.


At this time, if you gather with a group of conscious beings around a sacred fire, you relate to this moment from the reference point of the heart, and you hear the play of the cosmic flute, you will set a rhythm for your entire life for the year to come. This rhythm will support your growth, healing, awakening, creativity, health, and radiance throughout the entire year.


Join us this new year.  We will balance Shiva and Shakti, the Yin and the Yang. We will bring these polarities to zero. We will dwell in the dark and the light at the center of the chest. With our folded hands touched to the heart center, the universe will be welcome to flow through us. We will synchronize, realize, and go into ecstasy.


Sit with these words as a realization. Sit with this pulse as a realization. Realize how deep and beautiful is your existence synchronizing the Cosmic Pulse and Cosmic Flute. This is the miracle of Naad Rahasia!


This New Year, let’s dive into the miracle that is at the heart of the sacred realm of the Naad Rahasia, the sacred realm of the Cosmic Pulse.


Sat Naam!


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© Yogi Amandeep Singh


One to Many; Many Back to One


Many blessings on this full moon when we celebrate the light of the eternal Guru.

Wherever he stepped his foot or touched his hand, he made that place sacred. 

May we bow to this consciousness and realize oneness.  Sat Nam!




He realized oneness.



red lighted candle
Photo by icon0.com on Pexels.com


He inspired many to realize oneness.


art blur bright candlelight
Photo by Hakan Erenler on Pexels.com


Many merged back into the One.


clouds dawn desert landscape
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com



Sat Nam!


©  Yogi Amandeep Singh





Lamp Is Lit!

Moments from the November 2018 Yatra to Rajasthan.


























































































Photos taken by Reinette Fourneir, Thomas Speare, I-ting Shen, Simmy Geekee, Sat Ravi, Puranjot Kaur, and other seekers traveling along on the yatra.  Thank you for sharing your photos, your glimpses, your visual sense of this sacred journey.  Blessings to all!


© Yogi Amandeep Singh

Sit With a Yogi and Be in Awareness

Tune in with the Adi Mantra


Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo


For protection, also chant the Mangala Charan Mantra


Aad Guray Nameh


After chanting these mantras three times each, sit with your breath.


Sit With Your Breath


Photo by Francesco Mastalia at Yoga at the Ashram in Millis, MA


Slowly inhale.  Hold the breath for a little longer than is comfortable.  Exhale so slowly.  Sit with your breath.  Breath is not just an automatic physiological function.  Here and now, sit with your breath as a realization.  Sit with your breath as … realization.


Inhale, and hold the breath. As you hold the breath, become aware of the shift.  Become aware of the sensations as you become one with the Pavan Guru.  The Pavan Guru can solve all your problems, if you become one with the breath.


A yogi is the one who holds the breath.


Let go and exhale.  Realize.


One more time, inhale. Hold your breath and hold your life. You hold your life and become aware of your aliveness. When you become this awake, you are in the now.


Slowly exhale.  Realize.


Last time, inhale slowly. Hold your breath.  Become aware of the shift.  Become aware that something starts to change.   It is as simple as that.


Master holding the breath. All you need to do is learn how to hold the breath, and the kundalini will be awakened. All you need to know is how to hold the breath. Sit with your breath as a realization.  That’s all.


Now, feel and believe that you are sitting with a yogi. 

Practice the following meditation.


Meditation to Awaken Active Awareness


This post describes a meditation to experience active awareness, or awakened awareness.  This is referred to as Kartah Purakh.  This means we cultivate the capacity to experience everything that is occurring in life as a realization, not as background.  For instance, you breathe, you blink, your heart beats, and many things are happening; but, you are not actively aware of all this all the time.  Now, be with breathing, blinking, heart beating, etc. as realization.  Be so aware of all these things that are going on in the present moment that your consciousness is in awe; you dwell in wonder; you are mesmerized by the profound beauty that is blinking, the profound wisdom that is breathing, the profound rhythm that is heart beating.  Experience all things going on within you and without you as a realization.  That is what this meditation can give.


Here is how to be with this meditation:

The Bhairava Mudra


Put your Venus finger (also known as the ring finger) and Jupiter finger (also known as the index finger) onto the thumb. The Mercury finger (pinkie) and the Saturn finger (middle finger) point straight up.  Hold the mudra up at shoulder level.  Sit with a tall spine.  Lift the heart and rib cage.  The ring finger symbolizes relationships.  The index finger symbolizes wisdom. With this mudra, we bring wisdom and all that is in relationship to unite with the individual ego.


The Bhairava Mudra symbolizes the most evolved, most active, and most receptive form of Shiva. Shiva is your consciousness, the ever present awareness. As you are reading these words, who is behind your consciousness? Shiva. As you blink your eyes, who is the source behind the blinking of the eyes? Shiva. Consciousness. Subtle consciousness, which is available all the time, exists in everything that you are and everything that you do. You don’t know. It is there. When this realization manifests and becomes part of your ordinary nature, you awaken. Shiva is the hidden awareness. Manifested awareness. Active awareness. Kartah Purakh, active awareness, realized in the movement of your hands, in the blinking of your eyes, in the dance of your tongue, in the coming and going of your breath. When you are in purash, all of this is happening  as if in the background, you are not actively aware of it. But in Kartah Purakh, you are living in total awareness. Awareness is in your words, your sight, your breath; awareness is in your eating, your walking, your movement. You become fully alert to your own aliveness.  Total aliveness become a realization.


In the acneint writings, this is called Bhairava, awakened awareness. Now, hold the hands in the Bhairava mudra, and the heart is lifted. When the heart is lifted, miracles happen. Sit like an awakened one. Fake it until you make it. But really you have already made it and you are not aware.  Really faking it is not really there.  So, just take the fake out of it, and become. It is not tense. Relax. The more relaxed you are, the deeper you will go. The heart is lifted. The rib cage is lifted. You sit tall. You remain tall.



You fake it until you make it. 

But realize you have already made it. 

So, now you can take the fake out of it and become.






Your eyes are closed for this meditation.  Keep the eyes still; focus the two eyes steady at the Third Eye.



Mouth and Breath



Make an O-shaped mouth. 

Breathe through the mouth, and the navel will naturally pump.


When the drum of the navel and the flute of the breath synchronize, you become music. The breath is the flute of the divine. The pumping of the navel is the drum of Shiva, the drum of consciousness. Synchronize breath and navel, and your life will start to become music. Beings who evolved suddenly started to sing, suddenly started to dance, suddenly started to whirl because their lives became musical.


Continue for two minutes or so.


To close the meditation, inhale.  Hold.  Exhale.  Slowly open your eyes.  Sat Nam.


This is a meditation to experience active awareness. Practice every day to experience awakened awareness so that the things that are usually going on in the background can arise into your experience as Realization.


This meditation can help if you have issues with your relationships and can help you experience the deeper wisdom of being alive; you experience the awareness that is being alive.


May we learn to sit.  May we learn to breathe.  May we learn to be in full awareness of sitting and breathing.  May we learn to bow.


Sat Naam!


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Tuesday to January 1, 2019 12 PM


Photo by Francesco Mastalia at Yoga at the Ashram in Millis, MA



May You Succeed in Business and Beyond

Here is a simple formula for creating business success. 


Bring your energy plus your awareness together to praise Guru Ram Das.


Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur


This quote from Yogi Bhajan describes the power of Guru Ram Das:


“He shall heal you, heal your surroundings, take care of your things and square your business accounts.  He’s a good Guru, and he knows the business.”


Guru Ram Das knows the business.  Consciously enshrine his presence in your heart.  Notice that today–October 9, 2018–also happens to be a new moon.  The Siri Guru Granth says, “At the new moon, feel your soul is at peace, and the Divine has blessed you with contentment.”  This new moon arises in harmony with the celebration of Guru Ram Das.  What wonderful synchronicity the Creator gives!  Be glad to engage these powerful cosmic conditions to set your intentions.


This new moon, infuse the consciousness of Guru Ram Das into all the dimensions of your being.


Be with Guru Ram Das


Guru Ram Das sits on the throne of Raj Yog. Ra means the sun. Ja means the path. Raja is the path of the sun, the path of enlightenment, the royal path which uplifts your consciousness.


There are 108 forms of yoga, and Raj Yoga contains all these forms of yoga put together:  Shabad, Yantra, Tantra, Laya, Bhakti, etc.  All these forms of yoga, when combined together, become a royal path, and that is the path of Raj Yog.


Guru Ram Das sits on the throne of Raj Yoga.


Yogi Bhajan took Guru Ram Das to be his guru because he was an embodiment of the energy of miracles, healing, and humility.  Now, in this very moment, just feel the energy of miracles and healing course through your spine and vibrate within every cell of your body.  In your spine, and with every cell, praise Guru Ram Das.


Also, be aware that Guru Ram Das is the embodiment of humility.  He was a humble Guru who served.  Outside the temple, he quietly cleaned the shoes of the seekers while they were inside worshipping.  When his choice to grow his beard was challenged by Baba Siri Chand, Guru Ram Das bent low and used his beard to dust the feet of the perfect yogi.


The kind of humility Guru Ram Das embodied is extremely rare.  One reason why this kind of humility is so rare is because only a very refined intuition can discern the difference between false humility and authentic humility.  Then only the rarest sage can actually project and embody authentic humility


Reflection on Humility 


This is a contemplation on authentic Humility

from the perspective of the Buddhi, (the Buddhi is discerning intelligence).


In the world today, authentic humility is almost unheard of.  Now open your refined and discerning Third Eye and come to recognize authentic humility.


Humility in the form of self-deprecation is not true humility.  What does this mean?  It is important to understand that open displays of modesty and indulgence toward people who hold political, financial, and societal power are not authentic humility.


Authentic humility is NOT about being meek, mild, and submissive to the social powers that be.  Humility is not about playing out social dynamics between superiors and subordinates.  Attempting to express humility at this level does not go beyond the layers of Annamaya Kosha (physical layer), Pranamaya Kosha (energetic layer), and Manamaya Kosha (mental layer).


Notice that nowadays many people leak away their true humility in flawed social relations. Within human relationships there is too much imbalance and power dynamics.  Too often we perceive our “place” in a pecking order in terms of comparisons.  Who is wealthiest, most beautiful, most successful, most clever and who is the loudest mouth often determines to whom we show deference.  We get caught up in false stories and notions we hold in our minds. We compare ourselves to others and then think that our quiet display of respect toward “superiors” is the same thing as humility. No.  It is not.  Try to notice where true humility gets buried beneath the loud mental chatter that indulges in superiority and inferiority psychological complexes.


Humility is a state of being beyond any mental construct.


Authentic humility is about seeing the down low, seeing the-down-and-out. Then, while remaining in Guru consciousness, meet the lowest with a smile and consciously lift such a being up and out of his or her despair or ignorance. Humility means being the forklift. Yogi Bhajan taught us to be the forklift.


Being the forklift means you confront the most urgent, most uneasy, and most deluded situations and you get a strong foothold beneath them; then, use all your strength and consciousness to lift those situations to higher level or frequency. No matter what the outcome, you consciously recognize that there is still a Sat Naam consciousness of your being that is in no way ever affected by any of the forklifting you have done.  This is the most difficult job and demands the greatest determination, patience, tolerance, courage, awareness, and grace. This is the humility of Guru Ram Das, and this is why he is the king who is seated on the throne of Raj Yog.  And this is the real business.  This is the humility that accesses the layer of Anandamaya Kosha and the Atma (the bliss layer and soul).


Humility from the perspective of consciousness:


Ram Das is not something outside.  Ram Das is always within you.

Ram means the all-pervading universal consciousness

without any boundaries and without any limitations.

Das means ego-less.

When you connect with this Guru, you become empty and the all-pervading, ego-less consciousness flows through you.  So, Ram Das is a state of being.  And authentic humility is the virtue that projects from such a consciousness.  Surely this will bring prosperity to your business endeavors.  Regardless what state your business is in–whether it be profiting or going under–just sit in contentment simply because the moon is new.


The Sutra says,

Sikhee atai sangatee paarbrahm kaar namaskaari-aa

Sikhs as well as all conscious people bow to You because you manifest the Creator


Watch this video:


This is a promotional video created years ago for a Soul Answer University course that took place in 2012.  You can still access recordings of this course through Soul Answer University.




May Guru Ram Das dwell in your heart.


If you run a business of any kind, may Guru Ram Das bless your business and bless your sincere efforts to make an honest living.  May you guide your business and all dimensions of your business to vibrate compassion, consciousness, and contentment.


May we continue to come together in communities around the world to praise Guru Ram Das.  May this energy of praise of the Lord of Miracles bless and heal this world.


For further contemplation…



Today’s spiritual seekers try and try to become something.  But in the past, the spiritual path was not about becoming something; it was about becoming nothing.


Sat Naam!


© Yogi Amandeep Singh


Image courtesy of Toronto Kundalini Yoga


(Above, the image of Guru Ram Das featured on the

header of this post was painted by G. S. Sohan Singh)

A Yogi Only Exhales




Sat Nam, Yogi Amandeep!  I have heard you say, “A Yogi only exhales.”  Can you explain what you mean by this?



Yogi Amandeep


Many blessings to you!  Now, let’s dwell with the truth that is right beneath the nose. What is that truth?


The breath.



Inhale deeply.



While you inhale, contemplate all of your prosperity, all your blessings, all your happiness, all your achievements, all the things you hold dear–both material and spiritual–mentally place all of that on this breath.



Exhale completely.



Let the breath go, and give everything that you have and everything that you are back to the Divine, to the Guru, to the Universe, to the Beloved, to the One.



Until you know how to give,

you do not know how to live.




All your prosperity, all your vitality, wealth, happiness and wisdom, you must infuse all of it into the Pavan so that when you exhale, that exhale is a dedication or offering.  You must exhale your totality.  A yogi’s exhalation gets charged with prosperity, wisdom, devotion, consciousness, and blessing.  Why or how is this so?  Because the yogi uses energy within himself or herself to bring the totality into balance, to transform energy into that which serves, and to crystalize the chita (consciousness).  Each exhale gets infused with the yogi’s awareness of the Self.  Be in awareness of what is released into the universe.  Release consciously.







Breath is the carrier of the Pavan Guru.



Usually, when people inhale, they refer to this action as “taking” a breath in.  To say we take a breath suggests that we are bringing breath within us to possess it, to keep it as our own, as our property.  The fact that breathing is necessary to human survival often makes people relate to the act of breathing as a possession.  Supposing you live with a fear of death, then each breath–on the subconscious level–will be infused with clinging, attachment, possessiveness, and fear.



But to a yogi, the breath is not something that is taken. The breath is the carrier of the Pavan Guru. The breath conveys the Guru. The breath is something that is not ours to take and keep. Breath exists in its own right, as a unified force.  Breath moves its way through the universe beyond your individual inhalation and exhalation, way beyond the limited parameters of this one human life.  From Breath’s perspective there is no in and out; it is all one through all creatures, all one breath throughout all time and space.  This breath is the same breath of Guru Nanak, and all the saints and sages.



There is no give and take relationship with the breath, either.  Instead, it is more of an impression and expression relationship.  Realize the inhaled breath is the Pavan Guru making an impression on you.  Realize the exhaled breath as your expression of the Pavan Guru’s song as Pavan Guru sings through you.  You bless the universe with this song.



For a lifetime, one person may dwell with a particular body through which the breath is welcomed over and over again to express its expression through that body.  In this sense, the breath takes the yogi.  All the things accumulated by this particular body, this totality, are then placed at the feet of this Pavan Guru.  The yogi’s exhale is his or her way of saying, “Universe, all of this belongs to you. All is yours.”  Thus, a yogi only exhales.



Blessed are those who learn how to breathe.  Blessed are those who learn how to infuse the breath.  Blessed are those who learn to gift the awareness of the Self to the universe.  This is a very rare thing.



A yogi only exhales. 





© Yogi Amandeep Singh

Radiant Seekers in Russia With a Yogi




Sat Nam, Yogi Amandeep!  How do we transform sexual energy to serve our spiritual growth?


Yogi Amandeep

It is all energy.  Relate to it as energy.  No need to characterize this energy as sexual or spiritual or high or low or dirty or clean.  Energy is energy.  At the primal level it does not have a designation or name or character.  There is just the quality of energy as it is.  From the universe’s perspective, there is no positive or negative.  Be neutral.  You can choose to use this energy to heal and uplift.


Watch and listen to this video for the secret to giving birth to God.




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In Russia, Igniting Kundalini Fire


Sat Nam, Yogi Amandeep!  What is Tummo?


Yogi Amandeep

Tummo means Kundalini Fire.  Kundalini heat burns your karma, burns your past story.  This internal heat, that you create in your own body, has the power to change your genes.  It is so powerful, it can change your genes from the past  21 generations and impact the genetic fiber of your descendants for 21 generations into the future.  With your intention, you can use this fire in your body for healing.  You can use this fire to inspire your service to uplift humanity.  This fire can make you so warm that if you sit outside while it is snowing, you will be sweating.  You can create and use this fire just with your intention.  This can cleanse the body of all impurities.  Be aware of this heat in the body; realize heat can be moved up the body, and you can awaken to new potentials of consciousness.




What is your story?  What is your connection to Yogi Bhajan?


Yogi Amandeep

I don’t really have my story. My story is Yogi Bhajan’s story.


I carry his Love.  He’s always with me in my every breath.  He talks to me.  I hear him as you are now hearing me.  The way you are listening to me now, that is how I listen to him.  I hear him now.  As I talk to you, he is talking to me.  My heartbeat is his heartbeat.  And it happened many years back.  He came to me the first time.  He came and opened up my chest, and opened up my heart.  This was a physical reality.  He opened up my chest.  The physical sensation was so powerful.  It was so strange.  I feared I was having a heart attack.  I feared I was dying.


But the moment passed, and I was okay.  From that moment, my world changed.  He just came; he opened my heart and entered.  I have felt him there ever since.  He has been talking to me and through me.  It’s very powerful.  I know that for many it is very hard to believe.  But Yogi Bhajan is a very powerful master; and I’m just doing his job.


If someone likes me, I say: Yogi Bhajan, I am yours.  And if someone doesn’t like me, I also say: Yogi Bhajan, I am yours.


I am just here to do my job.


The boss says ” do,” and I do.  The boss says, “don’t do,” and I  don’t do.


I am not a student of Yogi Bhajan.  I am a disciple of Yogi Bhajan.


A student comes to receive teachings.  A disciple comes to dissolve.


If a student comes to get something then it is easy to be disappointed if that student does not get what he or she expects. This disappointment just means that the student came with his or her own ideas.  If someone comes with ideas, it means you haven’t really come yet.


In the Zen tradition, the process of a seeker being with a teacher is likened to the process of making tea.  We put leaves in a cup and pour water over them.  The leaves and water just show up together, and it is effortless; there is absorption and merging.  What was once just water and just leaves becomes tea.  Similarly, the seeker who is devoted and who has an open heart, he absorbs everything.  He understands that it is not the teacher who is giving or not giving enough; rather, it is the universe that gives.


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